What to expect

Our core process revolves on communication, innovative design, and creating visual and functional harmony. We help guide the creation of your online identity to be a true representation of the goals and values of your business, while preparing you for the future. The center of every project will always begin with your brand in mind. We serve as more than just your creative team. We approach the style of our process as a creative consultant understanding your goals from a business standpoint. We will work to discover any ideas or visions you might have about your brand’s development.

To ensure seamless execution, we work directly with you through a precise creative process. This candid collaboration allows us to successfully convey exactly what is needed for your business’ online and offline presence through your logo, website, business stationary, content, and more. Your success is our success. Every creative design decision is made with you as our focus. Ultimately, our intention is to provide support and tools that you can expand on as you manage and maintain the growth of your business.

Our creative process


The journey begins with a complimentary consultation in person, by phone, or via video chat to make sure that we are the right fit for your business and that we can deliver the vision you have for your project. If all goes well during our complimentary consultation, we will then create a custom project proposal complete with an overview, timelines, pricing, and anything else that may relate to your specific project. If all looks good, you will sign and return the signature page at the end of the proposal and we’ll follow up with your project invoice requesting only the previously discussed downpayment.


Once your project is scheduled and your deposit is received, we set up a planning session between you and your appointed creative team (us) where we discuss a customized creative blueprint with action items for your specific project. For instance if it is a website, items typically addressed in your plan will include navigation, user experience, custom requirements, third party plug-ins, pages, imagery, content and anything else needed for the specific project. By the end of this meeting, we will all be on the same page about exactly what action items are required before the start date of your project.


We will perform a pre-project review to make sure all action items have been delivered and make any necessary updates to the overall plan. All action items addressed in our prior planning session are due before we start your project. Don’t worry, we will provide a checklist. Once we have confirmed that all content and images that are needed have been delivered, we are clear to begin your project.


This is your moment to sit back, relax, and enjoy the design process. Our initial preparation efforts together with your diligence in providing us action items in advance, enables us to efficiently design & develop your project. As a result, when the adventure officially begins, you will have a good sense of what your final project will look like. We spread out the development of work for your project to deliver milestones in your timeline. Depending on the size and nature of your project, we will share your project with you in segments as it is developed over the course of our timeline. This will prevent you from being overwhelmed when seeing the final project and also keep you involved in the creative process along the way.


Whatever the nature of your project, deliberate measures are taken throughout every step of the process for a seamless delivery. For example, for Web Design, particular measures are exercised. In most cases we build directly on your server. During this time, your site will be hidden from the public with a coming soon count down. If you would like to keep live we will build on a staging server set to transfer at the end. During this time we test the functionality of your site on a working live, although hidden, site. This eliminates so many of the surprises and conflicts that can happen during a launch when a site is built offline. We always launch on Mondays with a “soft launch” meaning we launch your site and do our 24 hour thorough post launch site monitoring. If all checks out and the site is working seamlessly, we celebrate your official launch, promoting your site to our creative community, submitting your site to Google, and proceed to setup any extra packages you may have opted in for like Google Analytics, Enhanced SEO and more. Every project is unique and will slightly vary from one to the next, but rest assured, we will consider the unique needs of your project so that we can uphold our promise.


At the end of every project, we schedule a questions and training session to help provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to confidently take over your new creation. If we built you a website, we will show you how to use it. If we helped you with branding or logo design work, we will instill you with the tools to empower you to win. Whatever the nature of your project, we will provide a final session to formally answer questions, provide resources, and fully hand over your finished work of art.

This is the part we love the most and is why we do what we do. Although the time has come to move to the next project, we never forget the time spent alongside you building something truly amazing and watching it grow from concept to reality. That being said, we would like to also mention that we at Brandwins stand by our clients even when the project is completed and are always happy to hear from you. If you ever need a helping hand or even just want to say hello, we are always grateful for every encounter that transforms into a life long friendship.

Reach out

If you have any questions about any part of our process, please give us a call today at 760.650.2226 or send us a message. We will schedule your complimentary consultation and we would be more then happy to answer any and every question you have so that you can make the best decision for your business.

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