Branding, the obscure word in the context of business marketing that we still can’t seem to 100% define. Yet when the term “Branding” is searched in Google, results bring us back to the root word “Brand” which in short bring us to the origins of the word which means to “mark” commonly used to describe the act of using a hot iron to permanently imprint ownership. This was a form of communication that translated over time to describe products of enterprises, which held the mark of the company. How else would consumers know the maker of a product if it didn’t have a mark on it, hence the act of branding to advertise.

Just like branding irons were used back in the day to visually communicate ownership, modern-day branding begins by visually communicating the essence of a company’s product offerings and values through its business name and logo in all marketing platforms.

But this is just the beginning. Overtime, branding has evolved from not only visual communications but also into the concepts that fuel the compelling imagery, encompassing everything from core values to colors, photos, guidelines, and personality across collateral. A company must know itself so well so that there is consistency for their audience to easily identify and connect with the brand.

It’s not the brand that makes the bull valuable. It’s Don’s reputation that makes the bull valuable. The brand is just a way of showing it. —Becky McCray

Proper branding goes above just creating recognition by building trust and loyalty which creates a perpetual cycle among the consumer to commit to and promote your brand which in turn influences your following to grow your customer base.

Constantly reinforcing your brand is crucial to the life of your business. Especially now more than ever as there are so many channels to choose from to promote and market your company. It is important to know which ones work best for you to effectively reach your customer. It is even more important to know how to keep up with the demand of the digital world with your website and overall online social media presence.

With the growth and evolution of strategies tested over time, brands are designed with Traditional & Modern forms of marketing in mind. Some traditional formats your brand might appear include print media, signage, and phone directories to name a few. But the emergence of the Internet has forever changed the way commerce and communication happens shifting from traditional formats into modern making it an absolute necessity for your brand to have an online presence in this digital age.

The new first step to branding for your business is to have a professional website design that is mobile friendly. Your website will serve as the cornerstone for every other form of marketing you may do for your business while simultaneously, you will be in a position to gracefully handle the inevitable influx of customers searching to do business with you. A brand without a website that functions to meet the current demand of technology today is like a building without a foundation.

Furthermore, not only must your Brand have a strong website, but it must also be mobile-friendly! “Brands that lack a solid digital offering or a mobile presence altogether will see their customers heading over to the next competitor” says Thom Kenney, CTO of Applause in an article written by Madison Moore featured in SD Times called “It’s a Mobile-first World”. Users are described as “unforgiving mobile users” further emphasizing the change in what people expect now from the brands they engage with and that is to have a mobile presence.

A strong foundation is everything! Do you have a website? Have you displayed yourself to your fullest capacity to reflect your services, offerings, and what you’re all about? Are you happy with your online appearance? What will prospects see when they Google search your company? Is your website saying everything you want it to say in a captivating way for users?

Though traditional branding methods have worked for long-time businesses for quite some time, at some point, this digital wave will take your business for a tumble without the right footing. A customer can make up their mind on whether they will do business with you in moments. All it takes is a quick Google search and they can get to know everything they need to about your business and your competitors. How will your brand stand out? If you don’t even have a website, consider your chances slim! They say first impressions are everything! We only get a limited number of opportunities to create an impression. Make a first impression with yourbrand through your online presence that will WIN every time.

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